TechFair Sponsorship

Panels, Workshops and Demonstrations

 Free to the public daily workshops, demonstrations and panels (WDP) with film industry professionals. This sponsorship package offers you the opportunity to market directly to the interested consumer. This demographic will include individuals looking to learn more about movies and how they are made, including those looking for new careers in Detroit and Windsor changing economy.

  •  Company name published as (WPD) event sponsor in program and on event signage
  •  Company name announced before the screening of your choice
  •  Four Tickets to the movies screened over the weekend
  •  Two All Access passes for the weekend
  •  $1,500 per event

Name on signage and announced before the panel you sponsor, official program guide and web site listings, VIP seating at the panel you sponsor, two tickets to two screenings of your choice, and two tickets to the founders party.

Note: Sponsorship categories are subject to change.  The exact tax-deductible amount must be determined based upon the final arrangement made with any sponsor receiving special considerations for their donation.  Simple donations with no promotional consideration may be fully tax-deductible up to the total amount of the donation.