Media Partner Sponsor

This is a special sponsorship opportunity for our partners in the media community. Print, radio, television, web and other sources of community information are welcome to join this important cause. This is not a cash contribution, but an opportunity for specific coverage and mutual exposure, which can be discussed.

 To our Media Partners:

We can arrange for interviews, press conferences, special guests, speakers and other opportunities, to provide an in depth look at the festival, our community and the industry at large. We can also help provide insights on news events that affect our industry, as they occur. We request that all persons submitting films retain publicists and provide press kits which will be made available to you.

Ad sponsorship-

We will help your ad sales staff identify paid sponsors who may be interested in purchasing ad space, utilizing the DWIFF Logo. For every ad sold, we request that you provide a complimentary ad space (equal to one-half of the purchased ad) for our use to promote the festival.

In Kind sponsorship opportunities

Every contribution is a valuable, special and gratefully accepted. Here are some examples of how you can become an In-Kind sponsor for the DWIFF. We welcome a wide range of donations to help promote our creative community! In-kind contributors are valuable partners, providing useful products and services needs for the Festival.


Institutions that provide suitable space to host our social events, film screenings, workshops and other related social and professional activities will be given the perquisites equivalent to our Silver Circle Sponsors.

Digital Media Technology Developers

Hosted at College for Creative Studies, the CineFlow TechFair offers a compelling venue that focuses on the production side of the movies. Workshops, demos, speakers, panels and more show our talent and technology in a unique forum that celebrates our local industry.

Production Partners

Video/Film support, Print, Web, Graphic Arts, Wearables, Fulfillment, Writing, Producing

VIP Hospitality Partners

Restaurants, Hotels, Transportation, Airlines, Guest Services. We especially need food, water, beverages, swag and other goodies from our community! Anything you can provide is useful and most welcome!

Note: Sponsorship categories are subject to change.  The exact tax-deductible amount must be determined based upon the final arrangement made with any sponsor receiving special considerations for their donation.  Simple donations with no promotional consideration may be fully tax-deductible up to the total amount of the donation.